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Documentary features in your settlement


Enhance your customer Park

You have a significant customer park value by adding new documentary features: capture, OCR, Automatic document recognition, Automatic document content reading, indexing and native integration solutions, optional document workflows and engine API EDM, easy to integrate in your settlement.


White label settlement

The Documalis' component applications are available in white label to integrate seamlessly into your software, seen as a native module for end users to facilitate sales and integration solutions.


Add our modules in a few clicks!

Thanks to the Documalis' open connectors and native integrated APIs, a few days are enough! Your ERP, CRM, Accounting, MIS functions ... will immediately benefit from processing, enhancement and storage of documents.


Documentary modules to choose from depending on your business and your customers


Documalis has many documentary features that complement your business applications to enhance documents and add productivity to the process. The following modules are available depending on the proposed solutions:

  • Terminal scanning:for the automatic capture of documents from MFPs, fax servers, scanners connected to the network or to the user's workstations. PDF processing engine integrated with OCR.
  • Motor integration EAI / ETL:to automate document processing, Automatic document recognition-Automatic document content reading content extraction, automatic matching between Invoices, BL, BC ... documents and more generally for all inter-applicational exchanges, whether to start the project for the recovery of existing or future exchanges daily.
  • Workflow indexing, validation and sign:via Windows' virtual baskets or full Web interface.
  • API mode document management:natively integrate into your business solution, thanks to the native API's programming, in Webservice mode, URL or direct integration into your Web frame screens.
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