Virtual environments

The Documalis solution is fully virtualisable and uses market-leading technologies: VMWare, Virtual PC, Citrix XEN, VirtualBox or Proxmox. The storage disks can be virtualized through a SAN storage array and SQL Server, Oracle or MySQL database on dedicated servers. Virtualization facilitates disaster recovery activities in the event of a disaster.


Installation Prerequisites

Documalis requires few resources to function properly:

  • Minimal Setup (<10 users)Pentium IV 2 GHz 512 MB RAM under Windows XP and 2 GB of disk space for data.
  • Recommended setupIntel Core i5 quad core 4 MB RAM under Windows Seven/2008 with 10 GB of disk space for data.

Documalis' software does not need any other prerequisites (or Java, or. Net or Apache or PHP ...) and thus is compatible with all Windows systems from the XP version onwards.


Software Version

Secure your data ... yourself!


On your servers

The Documalis suite is available as software for installation on your production servers within the company. You make money and enhance your physical infrastructure like SAN, file servers and data bases, virtual servers' processing. Documalis can also settle for a dedicated and economical physical server .


The security of your data


Documalis includes its own full or differential backup to ensure the safety of your data. A hardware or software replication system RAID or SAN type can supplement the daily backup to minimize the loss risk between backups.


Tight integration with the computer system


Documalis benefits from the existing software infrastructure (directories, Active Directory) and fits easily in market solutions such as an intranet, groupware and office solution. Its application connectors to incorporated document solutions such as ERP, CRM, Accounting, MIS and engine EAI, ETL, SOA facilitate the integration of EDM and Workflow applications within the company's business.


Simplified installation

The Documalis installation is extremely simple and it has a built-in wizard. On average, you can start working in 30 minutes! User workstations can benefit, in addition to the full Web interface, of the 'Documalis Basket', a thick client that is easy to deploy in portable mode (without installation) and run directly from a shared network drive when needed.

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